Residential Pest Control – Spiders

Residential Pest Control – Spiders

No doubt you have noticed, the spider population has increased this year. Remember that over the past few years, we were in a drought, or recovering from a drought. So the insect and spider population was noticeably down. But now, we have had an increase in moisture which brings about an increase in insects. And when insects increase, their predators also increase – thus, the increase in spiders. What can we do about it?spider control - exterminators

One method of control for insects and spiders is an obvious one – having a clean home. Dusting and vacuuming are very good methods for controlling spiders inside your house. When you go outside, you may see webs and spiders around your porch lights, on your eves, under your decks, under the siding around your house, and even in your mulch or bushes around your property.

You may see a beautifully made circular web, and just a few inches to the right or left you’ll see a very large spider called a web orb spider. Although they may not cause any harm to you or me, they look like a big crab sitting underneath your deck. They eat a lot of insects! With the attraction of available food comes other types of spiders, such as black widows, wolf spiders, and cellar spiders – all wanting in on the feast.

Being a homeowner like me, you don’t want to share your home with bad or even good predators, and that’s why you need professional help to treat and get rid of spiders. Your typical household spider sprays do not have the strength to permanently eliminate a spider issue.

Spiders are killed by contact, or they may be killed ingesting a poisoned insect, or through specially designed pesticide dust – and sometimes even just a good old broom.spiders - pest control

Today’s chemicals used by a professional exterminator are residual – which means they last long enough in the area applied to allow spiders and insects to pass through and absorb through their exoskeleton or be poisoned by eating another poisoned insect, or possibly even by grooming themselves in a treated area. The point is, today’s professionals have the education necessary to access and determine the best possible treatment for your specific needs and protection.

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Outdoor Lighting – Landscape Lighting Electricians

Outdoor Lighting – Landscape Lighting Electricians

Decorative landscape lighting makes many commercial locations, such as stores and restaurants, more appealing to potential customers.

Our electricians will help you install your Christmas light decorations.landscape lighting

The Christmas holiday is coming and even this early, Christmas lights and decorations are already on display, especially in malls, restaurants, and other commercial buildings. Although few homeowners are decorating this early, soon there will be a massive display of sparkling Santa, reindeers, Christmas trees, and Christmas stars just to name a few.

The whole house will go ablaze with thousands of bulbs springing to life, with real trees in many places included. The wonderful transformation will dominate many parts of the cities. If you have a chance to see it from a high place, the whole city may look like a mini Milky Way. It’s going to be exciting, just watching them. There’s going to be an increase in electrical connections because of the growing demand for electrical consumption.

The most important thing is that these connections are properly installed to avoid mishaps. Fire can easily develop due to improper use of electrical connections, substandard electrical fixtures, and electrical overload. There’s a chance that many of these wirings may not be properly installed and not a few of them might be hidden under rugs and carpets. It’s not only the danger of a fire occurring that you have to contend with, but some members of the family might get electrocuted as well.

When you have a huge light show in your homes, including your gardens and swimming pools, even those indoor decors, you have to ask the service assistance of licensed electricians. The safety factor should be given a lot of consideration which is crucial in avoiding any untoward incidents from happening. Electricity is such a powerful force. It should be left in the hands of professionals to handle it.

We can help you with your decorating plans. Our electricians will ensure that your Holidays are free of accidents and you will enjoy your light show to the fullest and even share it with your entire neighborhood as your contribution in making their celebration a truly happy one.

I will take this opportunity to remind you that outdoor connections are especially critical especially when it rains. Water and electricity don’t mix well. What we do is that we will use special plugs, sockets, bulbs, and switches that are water-resistant. The purpose is not only to preserve the materials from damage due to rain but also to protect you from being electrocuted.landscape lighting - outdorr lighting

Wet grounds or grasses are extremely capable of transmitting electrical current. Contact with live electricity will put anyone’s life in danger if they happen to step on the wet ground or grass. We know how to prevent these things from happening. We have all the equipment and electrical part for this kind of job. You don’t have to buy anything; we will supply them all to you at very reasonable prices. We can sell them to you at cheaper prices than any other electrical supplier.

Make this coming holiday safer and more enjoyable than ever. Call us and you won’t need to lift a finger to do anything. We will follow your plans to the letter. You will find everything just as you ordered them. We guarantee all our materials and craftsmanship. We will visit your place from time to time to come and check everything for free.

Residential Commercial Locksmith – Access Control

A few weeks ago, I was working on a really tight deadline. We had an important meeting and I was working long days and late into the night to get everything finished and prepare the presentation. My boss was tightly wound the week leading up to our meeting. We had to fly out of state for the meeting, so we had a flight early Monday morning, and the meeting was in the afternoon.
We are a very small office. There are just three of us-me, the CEO (my boss), and our admin assistant. Unfortunately, our assistant, who really keeps things running smoothly, had a wedding out of town the weekend before we left. She had to leave on Wednesday of the previous week. Unfortunately, this was planned before we had this big deadline, and all three of us were really stressed out that she wasn’t going to be there to help us with the final details of the trip.residential - commercial locksmith

The Saturday before the meeting, I sent my boss home because I could tell he needed his rest. I needed him to be at the top of his game for the meeting on Monday and he started sniffling and coming down with a cold. If he got sick and wasn’t able to come, there is no way we would be able to close the door. We were both taking Sunday off, then meeting at the airport on Monday morning.
That night I was rushing out of their office to meet some friends for a birthday drink. I wasn’t really thinking on my way out, and it wasn’t until the next morning when I realized that I had locked my keys in the office and also left the USB drive with all of the information for the presentation in the office.

My first inclination was to call my boss and get his keys. I realized right away though that if he came back to the office, he would start working again and wouldn’t get the rest he needed before the meeting. I decided instead to call a residential locksmith I had once used when I locked my keys in the house.

This particular locksmith was open 24 hours a day, so I knew that they would be available early Sunday morning when I had to get into my office. I called and told them about my situation, and they told me that they could definitely help me out. They sent out one of their locksmiths who was nearby and he was there quickly to let me in. I was surprised at how easy the whole process was, and before I knew it, he had opened the door to my office and my keys were sitting right on my desk where I left them. I was really glad that I had decided to call a locksmith to let me in. My boss was able to stay home and get the rest he needed, and I was only out about $100 to have the locksmith come and let me in.

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